As the mantra goes ‘’exercise is medicine’’ and the Team at Maximise Movement strive to achieve the most out of every session. Our clients benefit from the relaxed and professional approach we show in the delivery of exercise, lifestyle and behavioural modification programs. We will make a difference to your life.

Our Systems & Procedures

The aim of our Accredited Exercise Physiologist team is to prevent or manage injury, chronic disease and assist in restoring an individual to their highest physical function coupled with improved health and wellness. As part of our teams ongoing commitment to provide the highest level of service we attend professional development programs and workshops throughout the year ensuring we have access to fresh ideas and innovative approaches as we continue to excel in the delivery of our services.

At a clients first appointment our clinical Exercise Physiologist will carry out a detailed health and physical assessment. From this first meeting a safe and effective exercise intervention program is developed. The program is updated regularly so that the client is kept engaged, enjoys the experience and the many benefits that comes with their individually tailored program.

We are regularly thanked by our clients for the patient, courteous and professional way we deliver our services.

physical health and wellbeing

Heath & Physical Assessment For You

physical health and wellbeing

Personalised Exercise Intervention Program

Why Choose Us

Our team of clinical exercise physiologist are passionate about our work and our strength lies in working hard to deliver first class customer service and use the most up to date processes and techniques to achieve the highest standards and service for our clients.